No. 198: Death In the Afternoon

absinthe, champagne

Built In Glass Cocktails

20 recipes

The easiest type of cocktail to prepare; this style of recipe is crafted by building all ingredients together in the glass it will be served in.

No. 188: Spanish Coffee

gold rum, coffee liqueur, orange liqueur

No. 175: White Russian

vodka, coffee liqueur, half and half

No. 166: Ti' Punch

rhum agricole, lime peel, simple syrup

No. 156: Negus Punch

orange peel, sherry, cognac

No. 154: Jimmie Roosevelt

champagne, cognac, green chartreuse
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No. 149: Hot Buttered Rum

dark rum, simple syrup, allspice dram

No. 134: Sherry Cobbler

sherry, lemon juice, orange liqueur

No. 132: Queens Park Swizzle

dark rum, lime juice, simple syrup

No. 122: Sherpa

bourbon, allspice dram, curacao

No. 121: Verte Chaud

green chartreuse, chocolate, cream
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No. 120: Stone Fence

apple cider, bourbon, maple syrup

No. 91: Jersey

apple cider, apple brandy, simple syrup

No. 81: Old Hickory

dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, peychaud's

No. 54: Champagne Julep

mint, simple syrup, brandy

No. 31: Corn N' Oil

dark rum, falernum, lime juice

No. 27: Champagne Cocktail

champagne, sugar cube, angostura

No. 24: Vieux Carré

rye, cognac, sweet vermouth

No. 22: Americano

campari, sweet vermouth, grapefruit peel

No. 7: Old Fashioned

bourbon, rye, angostura